Why Do You Write?

I took this picture in Virginia in May 2011.  I was browsing through my pictures folder when I found it this morning.  I thought it would make a good photo prompt, so I wrote the piece below to get my day started. Why did I write it? Because it made me happy. Don’t ever forget why you began writing in the first place.  I would wager that it was not for money. 
I hope you enjoy it.

I walked this road alone for all my life. A rut on each side shows where generations of others had taken this road before me.  But, by the time I got there, I was the only one. There was no one to catch me when I stumbled.  I picked myself up with the strength God gave me. Along the way, I was bruised and scarred, but never beaten. Life is funny, I had to learn to walk alone before I finally found someone I could walk with together.

Her journey through the back-of-beyond has been as long and desolate as my own. Now, her and I walk in-step hand in hand. Smiling together for one simple reason.  She will be there to catch me when I trip, and I will be there to catch her.  If this road is leading us to the abyss, we will face it together. We have taken the hard lessons we have learned all of our lives, and created a unique bond that none could break.  I don’t know where this dirt road is going to lead us, but I will face it loving, being loved, and unafraid.


Use the picture above for a story prompt.  Keep it under 500 words, and I’ll share the best here on Lone Publisher!

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