We Have A Winner!

Michael Fedor

Michael Fedor is the winner of the first Lone Publisher Photo Prompt Contest.  I have included Michael’s full entry below.  In addition, he has provided this link where you can read more of his work.  


Congratulations Michael!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I’ll have more chances coming soon.



“Here. Take my hand,” I said as I reached back for her straggling behind. “It’s going to get dark soon.”

When she does find my grasp, a sudden burst in my step begins. I knew were we were going, but it was thrilling to know that at the final destination would actually be a new beginning. That particular spot that I had in mind was important to us both. Years ago, she and I had gone for a walk along this same bike path cutting through the brush and trees to find a secluded spot that would camouflage us from the other nature seekers. From that point, the lights of the city we grew up in would shine just for us and the Bicentennial Tower would stand majestic leading the way.

Despite my hurried pace, she caught up with me quickly. She was always great like that. It’s one of the subtle ways I noticed how we were equals. We walked in harmony together.

While her comparable being matched my own, I took in the marvelous sight of her growing smile. The late-summer day’s sun is just as bright as her smile. She looked over at me to her left and made eye contact with me. Her eyes were the matching cobalt blue in the sky while the growing shade of dark advanced with the sinking sun.

“I remember this place,” she spoke up.

We hiked along the path further as I looked around for the specific landmarks that lead us to our isolated lookout spot. As the time in the day grew shorter the years increased the grass and swampy lake scenery.

“Maybe you know it better than I thought I did.”

“You’re taking me to that spot by the lake. I remember like it was yesterday.”

“It’s been a long time since then. The park rangers haven’t been taking care of this part.”

“Well, they don’t expect people to be going here. Landscapers focus on the bike path.”

She made eye contact with me again. As I walked at her left, I can read her eyes locked on mine as if we were standing in a void. Nothing else mattered. Her expressiveness was reading mine. I started to doubt myself and the memories rooted deep within the swampy lake trees.

Trekking forward I had finally noticed the one particular tree that marked the magical scenery. It was a tree who’s limbs grew in a peculiar way in the middle of it’s trunk. One branch curved upwards while the other branch drooped downwards. It was a “K” shaped tree. I remembered that as the initial of her first name.

“What are you looking at now?” I looked past her through the scenery.

Her posture guided me to look onward as the landmark tree majestically stood over her head I tugged at her hand and led her through the overgrown spot by the lake. She pressed her body against mine. Then I took the ring box out of my pocket.

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