A Little Encouragement

I know an eleven year-old writer named Ajay.  She needs some new readers and a little encouragement.  I don’t think she can see her own talent, and I’d like to show her that even strangers will enjoy her words.  This is a poem she wrote in her free time, and I wanted to share it with you.  If you like what you read, please leave her a comment or “like” it on your favorite social network.  Lets show her that she is full of potential.if by Ajay


An original poem by Ajay McCarter Penney

If things weren’t what they seemed,

life wouldn’t be interesting,

you know what I mean?


If life didn’t bring us down,

that happy face wouldn’t be a frown.


If the things people say didn’t mean

anything, then we would be kind instead of



Because the sign on my classroom says “No

Bully Zone”,

remember that and you’re good to go.



Thanks For Sharing Your Poem With Us, Ajay!
Ajay Thanks

14 thoughts on “A Little Encouragement

  1. Nice work Ajay would say you’re well on you way – just keep on putting one for in front of the other and keep putting pen to paper. Words are little treasures. Cherish your gift.

  2. Nice work, Ajay! I loved to write when I was your age, too. A teacher said some discouraging words to me when I was in high school, but that didn’t stop me and today I’m a writer.

  3. Ajay,this is brilliant,very strong words. You should definitely keep up the good work.
    Every word from the heart is worth writing down .
    Good job honey <3

  4. This was well written and has a lot of impact in such few words. You have a lot of potential. Keep writing. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Hi, Ajay,

    This is a wonderful poem! You are really very talented. I think you could really encourage people with your writing. If you love to write, keep at it and follow your dreams!

    I recently achieved my dream of being an author, so anyone can do it.

    Well done!
    Rachel Medhurst

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