My Favorite Free Web-Sites For Authors

My bookmarks are packed with resources I use on a daily basis.   They range from creativity kickstarters,  writing markets, and marketing platforms.  Below is the short-list of my favorites which I whittled down from 212.  I only included my bookmarks which were free and provided the most possible information. Creativity A couple places I […]

Building Your Platform Offline (Part 3)

Creating and cultivating relationships offline can be even more essential than any of your online efforts. These relationships can serve as a cornerstone to a writing career. In addition to relationships, you need to be compiling a strong portfolio. Below are a few steps you can take to help further your vocation. Always remember your […]

Building Your Platform (Part 2, Blogging)

Blogging is an important element of most successful platforms. The blog gives you an opportunity to create your own engaged audience. It does take significant time and effort to create a successful blog, however I’ve found the rewards far surpass the labor. I have enjoyed the experience from meeting new readers, to exploring my topic, […]

Collect Every Crumb

Most journeys from writer to author begin with a single piece.  This piece doesn’t usually launch best-selling fame, but rather an opportunity for a sustainable career.  Consider every published work as your promotion for the next.  Today, anywhere you can get a byline or your name mentioned is a searchable reference for your portfolio.  Be […]