Act Locally And Get Rewarded Globally

  Today, people are connected to one another like never before in history. Authors have opportunities their predecessors could never have imagined. I wonder what Mark Twain’s Facebook page would have looked like. Many writers take advantage of this with strong online platforms, active social media accounts, and countless blog tours. There is no denying […]

Have You Done Your Homework?

Fiction and nonfiction authors both spend countless hours on research.  We don’t tolerate inaccurate facts, unbelievable characters, or grammar problems in our manuscripts.  Yet many of us continue to purchase bundled services from our printers.  IUniverse,, Create Space, and all of the big print-on-demand suppliers offer much more than just printing.  They cover the […]

Author’s business Plan (Company Description and Market Analysis)

I created a couple of graphics that can help you build your company description and market analysis.  If you know where to find the information, you can easily fill in these points.  You are a writer, so try to present the information in an entertaining style.  Lenders have likely seen hundreds of business plans, and […]