Build A Sales Team For Your Book

An amazing author’s platform, a perfect book, and thousands of hits on your site mean nothing if they don’t sell books.  If you want to quit your day job, you must make sales.  Many authors find it easy to put thoughtful and inspiring words on a page, but find themselves crippled when closing a sale.  If your book sales are only in the hundreds, then how many titles will you need to write to support yourself?  Stop trying to do the math, and concentrate on more sales.  
Affiliates could be the answer you’re seeking.  What is an affiliate?  Well, I’m an affiliate for one.  At the bottom of this page is a link to Kindle products.  Anytime someone purchases an item from that link, I get a small percentage.  It is one of the many ways I support my writing.  You can build the same type of program for your titles.  

  • Reach out to your connections, and offer them 40% of the price for each book they sell.  I understand, that 40% seems steep, but I try to keep it in perspective.  Any money I make from these sales is money I would not have made on my own.  Also, the high commission ensures my book will get my affiliate’s top priority.  
  • Start small.  Put an end date on the program and limit the number of affiliates.  After you finish a program, evaluate your sales.  Were you able to meet demand?  Did your affiliates perform?  Determine what you could have done better and change the program.  
  • Many online shopping carts offer commission programs.  The shopping cart will track where the sale came from, and pay the affiliate directly.  The best programs allow you to set a payment threshold, type of payment, and track affiliate traffic for you.
  • Don’t forget your offline contacts.  You might be surprised how many of your readers, friends, and family would be happy to promote your book for a 40% commission.  Be sure to write a simple contract that works for both of you.  It is fine to give trusted sales people copies to sell.  But, be sure they understand you want back unsold copies, all money minus the commission, and the sales timeline.

An affiliate program can be simple to start.  Keep it free or as low cost as possible to yourself.  If the program gets big enough that you need help keeping track, then it should be making enough to pay for these services online.  These affiliates can make the difference between hundreds of copies and thousands of copies sold.  

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