Author’s business Plan (Company Description and Market Analysis)

I created a couple of graphics that can help you build your company description and market analysis.  If you know where to find the information, you can easily fill in these points.  You are a writer, so try to present the information in an entertaining style.  Lenders have likely seen hundreds of business plans, and you want yours to stand out.  Most business plans follow a similar format.  So, present the information in a way which;

  • A.  Provides all necessary data in an orderly and easy to understand fashion
  • B.  Demonstrates your excitement and confidence in your project
  • C.  Shows your company’s potential

I will provide a few links after each graphic.  These are resources where you can find all the data you need for your small press business plan.  As always, they are all free.  These graphics are also for your use.  

The US Census offers free stats on the book industry at  The only problem is that it only goes up to 2009.  Both The Association of American Publishers and Para Publishing have some extensive resources with much more recent data.  

The US Government has a couple of websites that can provide all the numbers you need to complete the market analysis.  The and can help you define your industry and market.  While can help you define your own company and the local competition.  My links may not lead to the website’s homepage, but rather to the page I found useful.  I hope some of this helps!

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